LubyG is a cooperative project that combines Google Search Technology and LubyG ideas to narrow your search for the results you want.

How it works

By using Google's new search technology we tell Google what websites to include in a search result on LubyG. We know how we search and are sure the majority of you do the same. When you are looking for something on the web it usually comes down to one of four basic things, Information, Shopping, Local or World Wide Web.

Information searches are usually for students & others looking to find genearl information. If that isn't enough we suggest you use the World Wide Web search which appears on our Home page. The World Wide Web search is actually larger than Google alone since it searches other major search engines including Google.

Shopping searches are very popular today. Instead of millions of irrelevant search results we've narrowed it down to the websites most likely to give you the best bank for the buck on the item you're looking for. You will find results from Ebay, Froogle, My Simon and other top notch shopping websites.

Local searches are for anyone trying to find a local business. We know how hard it is to find a local dentist, doctor, restaurant etc. Our Local search narrows this down for you as well. Just type in the type of business you're looking for along with the city and state and presto, you're bound to find what you're looking for.

If that were not enough we have decided to open a directory system of our own. Each website listing will be included in the search results under our various headings. As the major search engines index us your site will be indexed along with it.

We are always considering other specific searches. For example Automobiles is a favorite category. Since this could fall under information, shopping and local we've created a category for that alone. You'll find those kinds of searches under "Other Searches" for your use.

How we started

LubyG started from an idea in Pennsylvania called PAontheweb is a listing directory by location and category in PA and became an over night success.

Our Plan

Our plan is to give small and medium sized businesses our web technology plus the ability to be found on the web. It worked in Pennsylvania and it will work for the world. By providing a well indexed directory and adding Google search technology we are the answer for businesses and organizations that want to be found through the major search engines.

Why does it work?

The answer is simple. Most small business websites are not created with the proper SEO/SEM to be found on the web. By listing with a properly optimized directory like LubyG a website will be boosted by our technology and expertise.

The best of all worlds is to work with us directly. However, a simple listing on will produce better results for your website.


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